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As a tenant or apartment owner, you can start inquiries, submit applications, reserve rooms, report damage and much more in just a few steps, quickly and easily.


With Woonig your request can be placed through several channels.


Thanks to automatic notifications, you are well informed about the current status of your request as well as about news from your administration.


The digital dossier also provides you with documents securely and conveniently.

Mieter und STW-Eigentümer


Tenants and condominium owners are actively involved in the process via the tenant portal and the tenant app. Woonig offers the option of making contact via various channels.


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Always up to date with the latest news from your administration. > Whether underground garage cleaning or a defective elevator. Receive all news directly via the Woonig InfoCenter > Active notification and all information in your preferred language



View documents securely and conveniently at any time via the digital dossier. > Mobile and digital - contracts, property-specific statements and meeting minutes - all at your fingertips in one application > Fewer phone calls with your administration, no waiting times for documents to be sent > Personal and secure. Data protection-compliant and secure in accordance with current industry standards

Digital document storage


Give feedback to the administration and service providers. > Help to improve processes and services and give your feedback/evaluation on every completed request




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Contact via various channels. > Mobile app & portal for registered users with full range of functions. > Contact form for simple message recording without registration. Notifications via e-mail, message-specific portal access > E-mail integration incl. transfer to standard reporting process > Phone integration via phone bot incl. transfer to standard reporting process

Cross-channel contact


Record messages and concerns quickly, easily and around the clock. > Notification and reminder function for status changes and appointments > Uncomplicated, language-independent interaction with your administration

Inquiries & requests


Plan and hold condominium owners' meetings digitally and audit-proof. > Plan meetings and send invitations across all channels > Create agenda and publish it to owners > Legally compliant holding of the meeting online/attendance in accordance with the agenda and calculation of the results in real time > Record resolutions and distribute them to recipients across channels

Condominium owners meeting


All communication is automatically translated into over 125 languages.

No language barriers


The solution is device-independent and intuitive to use.

Platform independence


With Woonig you invest for the long term and contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

Sustainability & environmental protection

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