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"The data belongs to the property management!"

Under this premise, it is self-evident for Woonig that all data must be available for data integration and data exchange with other systems.

Integration & Interfaces

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The Woonig platform offers standard APIs for communication with third-party systems and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

The APIs can be accessed via https (REST/SOAP). Authentication is done using user/password and certificate.

Woonig supports the following data formats: JSON, ODATA, XML

Offene standard APIs zur Kommunikation mit Dritt-Systemen und nahtlosen Integration in bestehende Systeme.

Base data    


  • Properties, rental/residential units

  • Employees, administrators, caretakers

  • Tenants, condominium owners

  • Service providers

Movement data


  • Tickets, inquiries, reports, applications, orders

  • Posts, marketing campaigns

  • Condominium owners meetings, agenda items, minutes

APIs are available for the following objects (excerpt):

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Our templates for property management systems consist of

Export/import modules, as well as mapping and transformation rules

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