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Optimize communication and interaction

with your tenants, owners and service providers


Woonig cockpit

With the Woonig Cockpit you have everything in view.


Centralize communication and interaction with your tenants, owners and service providers - regardless of whether they are living or commercial properties.


No more requests are lost, because Woonig supports various communication channels.


Internal processes are optimized and external parties are integrated directly into the processes.


Distributing news to your tenants and owners and making documents available digitally is child's play with Woonig.

Woonig Manager App

As a manager, you not only have everything in view via the Woonig Cockpit, but can also take care of your daily business while on the road.

  • Take up concerns

  • Communicate with your tenants and owners

  • Arrange appointments

  • Assign service providers

  • and much more

Woonig Bewirtschafter App

Woonig QR code

Place a QR code in the building, a residential or rental unit, or Woonig E-Board.


 The QR code can be easily generated and printed in Woonig.

Tenants & owners have the possibility to report a concern by scanning the QR code.

 No additional app and no login is required!


Master data

  • Simple object and contact management for residential and commercial use

  • Automatic address check for good master data

  • Substitute regulation - no request remains unprocessed

  • The flexible Woonig interface ensures smooth data exchange with your management software

  • Configurable multichannel landing page for website integration


  • Multichannel inbox for follow-up processing

  • Channels:

    • Mobile app & portal/web app

    • Contact form for easy message entry without login via web browser

    • Email integration

    • Phone integration via the Woonig phone bot

Multichannel Communication

  • Simple management of inquiries and damage reports 


  • Notification and reminder function for all parties involved regarding status changes and deadlines

  • Fewer calls through transparency and access to information

  • Communication is automatically translated into over 125 languages

Inquiries & Requests

  • Distribute news quickly and efficiently - digitally or classically by letter

  • 100% accessibility through support of various communication channels


  • Replace notices and form letters easily incl. logging and confirmation of receipt

  • Modern integration with online letter services on request: printing, enveloping, sending is automatically taken over for you


  • Make documents (house rules, forms, etc.) available digitally.

  • Through ePost integration, you save the postage costs for sending letters.

  • Contracts, property-specific accounts or meeting minutes are stored centrally and can be retrieved at any time.


  • Woonig supports and relieves you in the onboarding process of tenants & owners

  • Distribute information to the right target group. Define target group, determine content, choose communication channel and go!


  • Predefined templates, designed and thought through by industry experts.


  • Easily connect service providers via e-mail or interface

  • Obtain, compare and select offers from service providers, incl. automatic acceptance/rejection

  • Assign service providers automatically or manually and always stay informed about the processing status​

Service provider integration

  • No redundant data maintenance thanks to automatic data exchange when making changes and creating new data

  • Modern interface for management software with monitoring based on open data API

  • No time-consuming system changeover.
    Woonig complements and digitizes your existing processes in a meaningful way


  • Connection of various API interfaces for extended services such as online letter portals​


  • Using customer feedback to optimize internal processes

  • Increase customer satisfaction and create added value for all stakeholders


  • Woonig offers personalization and configuration options

  • Configuration of texts, buttons, labels, design, notifications and much more according to your needs without development


  • Schedule meeting and send invitations across channels

  • Create agenda and publish to owners

  • Legally compliant execution of the meeting online / presence according to the agenda and calculation of the results in real time

  • Record resolutions and distribute them to recipients in a channel-specific manner

Condominium owners meeting

  • Real estate valuation at the push of a button
  • Create sales exposé
  • Real estate advertisements
  • Applicant management
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Real estate valuation

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