Our marketing module offers the possibility of generating real estate valuations based on market and surrounding data as well as sales dossiers at the push of a button.

Our integration partner PriceHubble has a real estate valuation model that calculates the current market price and/or rental price for residential real estate based on machine learning technologies and a broad underlying data collection.




Market valuation

Determine the market value and track the price development of your real estate based on market analyzes and environmental data.


Rental Valuation

Determine the rental value and track the price development of your property based on market analyzes and environmental data.


Valuation and sales dossiers

Generate evaluation and sales dossiers with individual texts and images.


Document exchange

Simplify document exchange with your owners, customers or potential customers. From the project phase through the construction phase to handover.

your benefits

Anonymous and without data transfer to third parties

Direct result after entering your data + preview

Simple and intelligent real estate valuation for real estate objects at the touch of a button directly via Woonig

No broker inquiries

Clean and structured evaluation dossier at the push of a button

Create market analyses, monitor performance, receive forecasts