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The platform for real estate management

Digitise and automate management processes
and automate them.


Record concerns via:

  • mobile app

  • web app

  • phone

  • voice message

  • portal

  • QR code





With tenants & Communicate with owners via:

  • mobile app

  • e-mail

  • letter

  • E board


Condominium owner

Prepare and hold STWE meetings digitally via:

  • mobile app

  • portal



Carry out a real estate valuation at the push of a button and create a sales exposé.


Woonig is the communication and interaction platform for living and business. We perfect the communication between manager, tenant, owner, caretaker and service provider across channels.


No more language barriers between those involved. Woonig automatically translates the communication into more

than 100 languages.


Would you like an individual configuration? No problem. Woonig can be adapted to your needs without any development.



Our goal is to create added value for everyone involved

communication is optimized, processes are automated and costs are reduced.


With the Woonig Cockpit you have everything in view.


Centralize communication and interaction with your tenants, owners and service providers - regardless of whether they are living or commercial properties.


No more requests are lost, because Woonig supports various communication channels.


Internal processes are optimized and external parties are integrated directly into the processes.


Distributing news to your tenants and owners and making documents available digitally is child's play with Woonig.


As a tenant or owner, it takes just a few steps to initiate inquiries or report a damage quickly, across channels and around the clock.


With Woonig, your request can be placed through several channels.


Thanks to automatic notifications you are well informed about the current status or news of your property manager.


The digital dossier also provides you with documents securely and conveniently.



As a caretaker or service provider you will be integrated into the process efficiently, easily and free of charge.


Receive inquiries and order details in a structured and complete manner via email or interface and optimize your deployment planning.


Accept request - schedule - complete - upload invoice.

With Woonig the entire process is mapped easily and digitally.



Integration & Interfaces

Woonig Integration & Schnittstellen

Woonig is ready to use in no time and fits seamlessly into your existing system landscape.


Our open API allows you to connect any third-party system to Woonig.

We support a large number of standard interfaces.


In 4 steps to digital
property management

EN_Onboarding_ready to use.png

We accompany you in the digitization of your real estate management.

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