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Digitalise property management – how to make the switch

Digitalization is making its way into almost all areas of life and is also affecting property management. The switch to digital processes offers property managers numerous advantages: They can work more efficiently, save costs and offer their tenants and owners better service.

But how do you make the switch? In this article, we will show you how you can successfully digitize your property management.


1. Introduction to digital property management

Digitalization in the real estate industry involves the use of modern technologies and software solutions to automate and optimize management processes. By using cloud services, mobile applications and special property management platforms, you can make your processes more efficient while increasing the satisfaction of your tenants and owners.


2. Advantages of digital property management

Increased efficiency

By automating repetitive tasks such as recording damage reports and inquiries, or hybrid mailing, you save valuable time and can concentrate on the essential tasks of property management.

Cost savings

Digital solutions help reduce administrative costs by reducing paper consumption and optimizing workflows.

Improved communication

Modern means of communication such as email notifications, mobile apps and customer portals enable fast, transparent and uncomplicated communication with tenants, condominium owners and service providers.


Real-time data access

Cloud-based solutions give you access to important data and documents anytime, anywhere, making decision-making and everyday work easier.

3. How can I digitize my property management?

Inventory and objectives

Start by taking stock of your current processes and identify areas that could benefit from digitalization. Set clear goals and priorities.

Choosing the right software
Training and team involvement
Implementation and integration
Continuous improvement


Woonig – your partner for digital property management

Woonig offers a comprehensive solution for digital property management and creates new opportunities for communication and interaction between property managers, tenants/property owners and service providers.


Innovation at all levels

With features such as tenant management, smart ticketing (process management), cross-channel communication and digital condominium owner meetings, Woonig is revolutionizing the real estate industry and helping you optimize property management processes and increase the satisfaction of your employees, customers, tenants and condominium owners.

We create an ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in property management.

Woonig creates an ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in property management.
Woonig significantly improves communication and interaction in property management.


1. Organize and automate everyday tasks

With Woonig, you have a transparent and central overview of all your property management processes in one place. Digitize and organize the task management of your property management. Woonig allows you to create, assign, prioritize, schedule and track tasks. Users can organize tasks according to due date, priority or other criteria.


Record and manage concerns/reports

You can document issues such as claims, applications or upcoming appointments easily and digitally. Our Smart Ticketing module is as unique as

revolutionary and a well thought-out ticket system tailored to the requirements of property management.

You can document issues such as claims, applications or upcoming appointments easily and digitally. Our smart ticketing module is as unique as it is revolutionary and is a well-thought-out ticket system tailored to the requirements of property management.

We offer up to seven different channels for recording requests(multi-channel) . Service providers can be commissioned manually or automatically by entering them into the system.

This creates maximum transparency and flexibility for property managers, tenants, STW owners and service providers alike.


Hybrid mailing

Whether it's invitations for the upcoming STWE meeting or utility bills, printing, sorting, enveloping and sending documents takes up a lot of time and money.

Thanks to post integration , you can send letters to the respective recipients with just a few clicks. The letters are generated in Woonig and automatically sent via Swiss Post.

This not only saves you time, but also resources (printer cartridges, paper, electricity...)

Printing costs Material costs Transport route

2. Barrier-free communication

With Woonig, communication processes are mapped out simply and digitally. You can communicate with tenants, owners and service providers via various channels and keep them up to date with all important information.

Automatic translation of communication

Language barriers with tenants or owners? That's a thing of the past with Woonig. We translate all communication into the respective user language and into over 125 languages .

Share information directly with tenants, owners and service providers via the Woonig Info Center.
Share information

Would you like to share news, e.g. about the upcoming summer party or the upcoming underground car park cleaning?

To do this, use the Info Center , which functions like a digital bulletin board or pinboard to distribute information quickly and easily.

You can explicitly select the target group. For example, send information only to tenants of a specific property or to all residents.

In addition, you have the option of providing relevant information to residents via a maintenance-free eBoard can be shared directly in the property. Tenants and STW owners can also submit their concerns to the property management via a QR code .

Woonig Phone Bot

You know the feeling. The phone constantly rings, lots of calls every day and no time to answer the phone. Stress is inevitable. The solution is an intelligent telephone bot that takes over the telephone service for you. It can automatically identify callers and create all requests as a structured ticket, which is then automatically visible to you in the cockpit.


3. Digital condominium owners’ meeting

With Woonig, you can map the entire process of condominium owners' meetings digitally and in compliance with the law . This saves you a lot of time and resources.

Thanks to online voting (eVoting), property management companies can record the votes of the STW owners more quickly and easily and start and manage the meeting directly via the Woonig Cockpit.

Thanks to online voting (eVoting), property management companies can record the votes of the STW owners more quickly and easily and start and manage the meeting directly via the Woonig Cockpit.

All votes and quotas are calculated according to the regulations and displayed digitally. Voting results and minutes can be made available securely and electronically.

4. Easy integration

Woonig is ready to use in no time and fits seamlessly into your existing system landscape. Regardless of whether you want to link your accounting software, CRM systems or other applications.

Your tenants and STW owners are easily integrated via the tenant or owner portal and can report damage, initiate inquiries and access their documents via the Woonig app .


Own app for property managers

With Woonig, property managers get their own app that gives them all the information they need on the go. Respond to incoming messages, communicate with the residents in your property and take care of your daily business.

App for property managers, tenants/owners
The app for digital property management. Simple, intuitive, for everyone.

Conclusion – This is how property management works today

Digitizing your property management brings significant benefits. From increased efficiency and cost savings to improved communication and data access - Woonig offers numerous ways to optimize your management processes.

With Woonig's real estate software, everyday, repetitive tasks are taken over and you have more time for the essentials

Woonig enables a modern, contemporary and flexible way of property management

The digitalization of your property management ensures better service and thus more satisfaction and trust among your customers and employees

With Woonig you save important resources, work more sustainably and contribute to environmental protection

Our solution is intuitive to use and can be adapted to your wishes and needs


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